Friday, 30 June 2017

Friday 30th June - Sport Results

Marshland Combo 5 vs Rawhiti Red 22
Marshland Steel 0 vs SNB 35
Marshland Pulse 0 vs Rawhiti Purple 18

Red and Blacks 17 vs Parkview 41

Marshland United 8 vs Marshland Rovers 0

R n B sticks 12 vs SNB 1
Marshland Blacksticks 3 vs Snb 11

Awesome Kapahaka Performance

Wow! We were treated to an incredible performance by the school Kapahaka this morning, what a talented group. They have been working extremely hard each Friday morning and it is sure paying off. They will be performing at the Cultural Festival next term.

This was their first performance in their new uniforms, don't they look great!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka - Friday 30th June - 8.30 am

Please all Kapa Haka students to be at school by 8.30 am tomorrow.

Kind regards
Korimako Team

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Book Week Display

Each hub is creating a Book Week Display this week. This is our awesome one! What do you think?

Book Character Dress Up

Just some of our awesome costumes!

Book Week

Book Week is here! We have kicked off with an awesome assembly with special guests, Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Mrs Pascoe also read one of her favourite books to the school.

Back in the hub we have started Book Week activities with our main focus being Dr Seuss books. Students have been reading to each other and have started some Dr Seuss Art.
Come to the hub to check it out!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Sutherland Writing - Show Don't Tell

The Sutherland Writing Group have been working on using Show Don't Tell in their writing. This is a technique where they add more detail to 'show' what is happening to the read rather than the reader being 'told' what is happening. 

Using a GoPro video (at the bottom of this post), the students wrote in first person as they were a mountain biker biking down a steep hill. Their goal was to have the reader picture what it was like for the biker. Read some of the groups examples below and then watch the video to see if it matched up to what you were picturing in your mind.

'I could hear the countdown “Three two one” I pushed down hard and I was off. Up ahead I saw a steep cliff as I dropped down it I had butterflies going CRAZY in my stomach.I rushed past a stone hard, brown, dirt wall with thick, black graffiti on it, I felt sweat running down my face. I stopped and looked down and saw the steepest cliff I have ever seen in my life!!! I thought “ This is a nightmare!!” but I heard the crowd cheering my name “Go CariDee go, Go CariDee go!!” they yelled I felt confident in my body so I rushed down the cliff and then “ uh oh bad idea” I said, I saw an old, rusty, black ramp.I closed my eyes tight' - By CariDee

'I'm ready I'm waiting then suddenly ¨three, two, one and  go” a man shouted, as  I pedaled hard and as fast as   I could, dirt flung in my eyes but that wouldn't stop me, nothing could cause  today was the day I could be my best!  

All I could see were rocks and dirt for miles. I looked  to my left all I could see where sharply carved rocks leading down to the bottom of the mountain, but I knew I would befine.                                                                                                                            
My tyres screeched as I turned on to the path. I had to go down the staircase of rocks  carefully. I went on the path that was as slim as a skinny snake. I griped hard onto my handle bar as I rode  down the steep hill.' - By Mia P

'I can hear the commentator talking over the speakers “3,2,1 Go!” A whiff of rocky dirt goes through my nose I can't believe what I see or actually what I can't see half of the track is missing! On either side of me is a straight plummet to the ground where dead bushes lay half buried in the sand  but I pedal faster and faster I can hardly breathe my arms were going numb my legs are squeezing together my heart was pumping so much that I could taste the blood in my mouth. Yeah boy I say as I catch a piece of air and I land my first flip, back on the track I think ducking and diving dodging all the cliffs my wheels went round and round and round and round smoke was coming from the rubber the drop was getting steeper' - By Tane

Sport is Cancelled - Friday 23rd June

Hi All

Sport today has been cancelled because of the poor weather.  The games today will now be played on Friday 7th July (Last day of Term).

Kind regards
Korimako Team

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Reading in an Unusual Places.

Calling on All Korimako students

- Please send you photo of you reading in an unusual place to Mr Cook -

Well done to Ella W and Ethan F who have sent in their photos ( 5 house points each)

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Team in the Spotlight - Marshland RnB Sticks

Meet most of the RnB Sticks, Korimako's hockey team.


What a great night it was at the disco last Friday night! Korimako students were looking flash with their lights and wicked dance moves. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Winter Sport Results

Winter Sport Results - Friday 16th June

Red and Blacks Ruby lost 25 - 35
Steel Netball won against Pulse Netball 20 - 6
Combo Netball lost 36 - 3
United Football won 12 - 1
Rovers Football won 7 - 0
Double L's Table tennis won 3 - 0
Korimako Girls Table tennis lost 2 - 1
Korimako Boys Table tennis won 2 - 1
Jacks Bowling Pairs - lost
Aces Bowling pairs - lost

We will be aiming to post pictures next week of Winter Sport

Whats on - Week 8

WEEK 8 - Great Kiwi Competition Testing all week

Monday 19th - student led conferences
Tuesday 20th -  Student led conferences, students bring in old sports uniform to swap for new
Wednesday 21st - Canterbury Cross Country (Jordan, Tyler)
Thursday 22nd - Normal day
Friday 23rd - Winter Sport

Week 9 - Great Kiwi Competition Testing all week (BOOK WEEK)

Monday 26th - Normal Day
Tuesday 27th - Book Character Parade - Dress Up day favourite character
Wednesday 28th - Parent Information Evening (Positive Puberty) 4.30 pm in Korimako Hub
Thursday 29th - Year 5 - 6 Positive Puberty Lessons all day
Friday 30th - Winter Sport

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Ecosystems Field Trips

We had a great afternoon out exploring different local ecosystems for our Inquiry topic this term. Korimako split into three and visited the Travis Wetlands, Bottlelake Forest and Styx Mill Reserve. The sessions were run by Christchurch City Council Education Facilitators who were full of knowledge and have built on what we have already learnt so far.  

Some highlights were:
- Bugging (like fishing but catching bugs from the water)
- Bird Watching
- Eating huhu grubs, YUM!!!
- Building bivouacs 
- Playing a game about pollution.

It was fantastic to do some learning out in nature and so close to school!!! We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Trampoline Champions!!!!

These legends competed at the Canterbury Primary School Trampoline Championship in the weekend and did outstanding!


We are very proud of their achievements as a team but also proud of what they achieved individually. What talented students you all are and congratulations.

Hamish's words on the day:

'The competition was great. At the start, everybody had a chance to do some warm ups on the unused trampolines or, they could go to the cafeteria for some quick food. When the competition started, the blue badge went first. They sat down on a mat and waited for their turn. Next, the yellow badge women and men went on. After that, there was a long time for people that had already had their turn to go to the cafeteria, watch or do some gymnastics in the gymnasium. Then there was prize giving, Third and second were other schools and then the winners were... Marshland School!!'

Mia @ Surf Life Saving

Mia E had a successful weekend at the Surf Life Saving Pool Champs at Jellie Park. She came 1st or 2nd in all of her heats representing her club, Spencer Park. Another of the many talented students from Korimako!

Well done!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

East Zone Basketball Tournament

Today two Korimako teams competed in the East Zone Basketball Tournament at Celebrations Event Centre. It was great fun and both teams showed real skill and character in their games.

The boys team finished 3rd overall after 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw. They got better and better as the competition went on, winning 11 - 2 in their final game but unfortunately left their run a bit too late.

The girls, who finished 2nd, made a great start to the competition by winning their first game 8 - 0 and second game 8 - 6. They were great on defence and made some great shots. Unfortunately they couldn't quite put it all together in the final. They showed excellent character by going over to the winning team and wishing them luck for the Centrals.

All the students can be very proud of their achievements and represented Korimako and Marshland School extremely well.

Friday, 2 June 2017

We Love Friday!

Working hard this morning in our Friday morning options. Some students were working on the ukulele, others were coding and a group were working on their art. All were having fun and were very engaged in what they were doing!