Thursday, 16 March 2017

Canterbury Museum Visit

We had a great day at the Canterbury Museum as part of our Inquiry topic of Civilisations. The students learnt about the Early Civilisations of New Zealand. They had a lesson about Taonga and got to explore tools and inventions from the Maori Civilisation. They also had a lesson about what Aotearoa was like when the very first settlers arrived over 1000 years ago and what life was like for them. Lastly, they got to explore the rest of the Museum. The Air New Zealand exhibition was a favourite and most students had a turn or four in the Virtual Reality flight. It was a great day had by all and a lot was learnt.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

St John First Aid

Our Korimako students spent an hour and a half with a St Johns first aid expert on Tuesday. They learnt the basics of first response. They are:
D - Danger (check for danger)
R - Response (check for a response)
S - Seek help (call 111 or get someone else to)
A - Airways (open up their airway)
B - Breathing (check if they are breathing)
C - CPR (perform CPR - 30 chest pumps, 2 breaths)

Hopefully they will never have to use these skills but they could be used to save a life one day.