Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Korimako Art Expo

What a great afternoon we had hosting our Art Exhibition for parents, grandparents and other students. Our Inquiry for this term has been 'Korimako Gets Creative!' and students have had the choice of drama and visual art. In drama, students wrote and performed their own plays. In visual arts, students either made masks or sports shoes and tops. The results were incredible!

As part of the Expo, some Korimako students showed off their musical talent. We had singers, keyboardists, guitarists, drummers and a saxophonist. What amazing talent we have!


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  2. Hi i'm Liam from Paparoa Range School. Nice work I think its cool that you played music Because not many people sing or play music. I play music as well. I also liked Your art work. Come visit my blog here->
    Nicework. :)


  3. hi my name is anaru from paparoa range school. ruma rima had done the same shoe last year exept we put plants into them. click the link to our class blog check it out :)

  4. Hi my name is Anika and I go to Paparoa Range School and we made our own shoes as well and we put plants in them. Well we were supposed to. If you want to check out my blog here it is

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