Monday, 16 October 2017

Korimako Kai - the final outcome

We had an amazing final week of Term 3 where our Korimako Kai Unit culminated. Students put together the skills and knowledge that they had learnt over the term by cooking for a different Hub in the school.

It began on Monday with the Roberts Home Base cooking for the Pukeko Nest students. They had a Teddy Bears Picnic and served rice balls, fruit kebabs and smoothies.

On Tuesday the Burtenshaw Home Base cooked for the Pukeko. They worked really hard in the kitchen and hosted another picnic with rice balls, pizza pin wheels and smoothies.

The Sutherland Home Base had their turn on Wednesday cooking for Tui Hub. They had a forest themed restaurant called 'The Hut'. The Tui student enjoyed cauliflower based pizza, toasties and smoothies. One student even remarked that it was the "best restaurant ever!"

On Thursday it was the final day of the restaurants and the turn for Cook Home Base. They cooked for Toroa students and made a wide variety of tasty food.

We were really impressed and proud of the Korimako students for the effort that they put into the restaurants. They were very eager to learn and help out (some even did the dishes!).

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