Sunday, 24 September 2017

Athletics Training

As the summer months approach we have been getting stuck into our Athletics preparation. The teachers have been running a rotation on High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Discus and we recently had some experts come in to take some sessions.

Last Tuesday we had Andy come in to take us for some sprint training. Students learn how to get set for the start of a race, how to move their hands from 'pockets to ears' and how to stay low at the start. There was a noticable difference once students started using these tips.

On Wednesday, Sport Canterbury came in to run the students through some more alternative throwing and jumping drills. These were put into a game format but over the course of the session we saw big improvements in techniques used by children. One of the real benefits was that students would have made hundreds of jumps in the session rather than about a dozen if we were just doing High Jump or Long Jump.

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