Term 2

The main focus this term is Geometry which is the visual study of shapes, sizes, patterns, and positions. It occurred in all cultures, through at least one of these five strands of human activities: 

1. building/structures (building/repairing a house, laying out a garden, making a kite, …) 
2. machines/motion (using a pry-bar, riding a bike, sawing a board, swinging, …) 
3. navigating/star-gazing (How do I get from here to there?, using maps, …) 
4. art/patterns (designs, symmetries, representations, …). 
5. measurement (How big is it?, How far is it?, ...)

Students will work with a teacher in small groups.

All students have an account for Mathletics which is a great online learning tool. Students can work through the NZ Maths Curriculum in a variety of ways including videos, tutorials, question sets and games. Teachers set specific tasks, depending on the students level and what they are working on in class. Students earn points for their efforts and at the end of the year medals are awarded to the highest point holders.

Here the Basic Facts Bricks that tests students basic mathematics skills.

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