Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Korimako Basketball Success

Last week we had two teams compete at the East Zone Basketball Competition. They were brilliant. The boys team won all three of their games comfortably to win through to the Canterbury Competition. For the girls it was much tougher but they made it to the qualifying game and won by 2 points so they also qualified for the Canterbury Competition.

Well done guys!

We also have a new hoop installed outside the hub, we are just waiting for nicer weather so that we can use it!!


  1. Kia ora Korimako Basketball stars,
    Congratulations on your success. Your uniforms look very impressive. When is the Canterbury competition? Do you train together at school?

  2. Kia Orana I am Janaya from Red Hill School I live in Papakura, I enjoyed what you guys have been doing and it looks so much fun and I hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Kia Orana I am Katrina from Red Hill School I live in Papakura ,I enjoy looking at you´s play basketball and I hope you had fun and enjoyed it.

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  6. kia orana korimako my name is Maria from red hill school.
    I like how you are all playing together .next time you should switch team.

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  8. Kia Orana, I am Susana from Redhill School. You are so lucky to have a new hoop. Ours was taken down last year because our school is being rebuilt and the balls kept going over the fence. We are hoping to get a new one later next year.

  9. kia orana Korimako my name is Chevy and i am from Red Hill School.
    I really like that you play basket ball it is y favorite sport next time could you swap teams thank you for sharing


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