Monday, 19 March 2018

Korero in Korimako

This term the Korimako students have been learning basic conversational Te Reo Māori. 
They have learnt the different ways to say hello, how to ask what someones name is, to ask where someone is from and to ask how some is. They have also learnt responses to these questions.

Here is a conversation two Korimako students had:

Tamariki Tahi - "Kia Ora" (Hello)
Tamariki Rua - "Tena Koe" (Hello to one person)

Tamariki Tahi - "Ko wai tō ingoa?" (What is your name?)
Tamariki Rua - "Ko Josh toku ingoa." (My name is Josh)

Tamariki Tahi - "Nō hea koe?" (Where are you from?)
Tamariki Rua - "Nō Ōtautahi ahau" (I am from Christchurch)

Tamariki Tahi - "Kei te pēhea koe?" (How are you?)
Tamariki Rua - :Kei te hiakai ahau." (I am hungry) 

To learn this, students firstly went on the Toku Reo website and took notes. Following this they spoke to other members of the hub.

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