Monday, 5 March 2018

Ferrymead - A Trip to the Past

As our Inquiry Topic is on Generational Change we visited Ferrymead Heritage Park to experience what life was like in the 1950s. One of the highlights was dressing up in what school students would have worn, everyone looked pretty cool.

Other activities included:
- learning about and playing with toys
- going to school in a 1950s classroom where you weren't allowed to speak unless spoken to
- playing Picnic games which were - washing clothes relays, sack races, egg and spoon races and a tug of war
- making scones in the kitchen

We had a great day out and saw all of the positives and negatives of living in each generation.


  1. Hi Korimako, I am Les from Red Hill School. It looks hard washing clothes with that board and bucket. It also looks hard jumping around in bags. The picture with the heads looks funny.

  2. Hi Korimako, I am Chevy Red Hill School.
    It looks hard trying to jump to the end in those sacks the people with the heads looks funny too it would be cool to see what it would be like in the old days.

  3. Tena Koutou Korimako I am Pania I'm year 5 and from Red Hill School. I saw that you went inside the old class room. How did it feel to learn like in the old days?

  4. Kiaora Korimako, my name is Kingston from Red Hill School. That photo with your heads in look so funny. It would be interesting to know more about what life was like back then, do you have any stories or poems to share?

  5. Kia Ora,My name is Sami from Paparoa Range School. Going back into time must feel very fascinating. We to have a place where it takes you back in time. In Shantytown. Dressing up looked very cool to. When I had to dress up I had to wear a bobbin :(

  6. Hi my name Kenehi i am from Paparoa Range school i think that picture at the wall was odd because the faces were real and it did not suit it and it was also old in days.

  7. Hi i'm Liam from Paparoa Range School. Nice work I like all the photos you've put on about the trip. Were I am I go to a place called Shanty town It has all the things you have said. I don't like dressing up. Maybe you could have explained photo by photo whats happening. Nice work Liam. :)


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