Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Whanau Hui Hub Awards

Although we didn't have an official Whanau Hui with the rest of the school, we had a quick award presentation for some high flyers.
Congratulations to these students!


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  2. Hello Year 5 and 6 students. It is amazing to seeing who is getting the Whanau Hui Hub Award's. We believe you must have worked hard to get the Award and wonder what exactly you did to achieve them. Congratulations on your hard work. Mariah, Jett, Justyce and Akram from Red Hill School, Papakura

    1. Hello Mariah, Jett, Justyce and Akram. Thank you for your comment. We really enjoy receiving awards at assembly. We receive awards for collaborating with others, giving things a go, having a positive attitude to learning and participating within our groups.
      We look forward to receiving and responding to more comments!
      From the Roberts Home base

  3. Kia ora Korimako,Year 5/6 hub. Congratulations on receiving your awards. We have school awards every five weeks. Our school has only 200 students, nearly two of your hubs. We look forward to seeing more of what you are up to. From Dayjarhn, Tai, Janaya and Kingston at Red Hill School, Papakura.

  4. hi my name is Zara from Paparoa Range School how did you get lose awards
    Congratulations on receiving your awards
    can you check out my blog

  5. Kia ora Zara, I’m India-Grace from Marshland School. We all enjoy receiving awards in assembly. Sadly we all do not get a award but the people who do get awards would have showed they can work collaboratively or have do work that had really had impressed the teachers. Thank you so much for your comment,I hope to hear more of your comments.

    From India-Grace, Year 6

  6. Kia Ora we're Mia and Daisy from Marshland School in Christchurch. We get these awards every second Monday if we show leadership, have a positive attitude towards our learning, or participate in lots of activities. We checked out your blog, maybe you could share more about what your learning at school. Thanks for you comment Zara.
    From Mia and Daisy

  7. Hi Korimako, I am Hendrix from Red Hill School. I liked the archery and the kayaking. Next time it would be interesting if you can add some words. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  8. Hi I'm Liam a year 8 from Paparoa Range School. Nice work I like the pictures. Next time you could explain what is happening in the picture.
    Nice work. Come and visit my blog here:

  9. Hi my name is Izaak I am a year 7 at Paparoa Range school it looks like you have all worked hard. Next time tell us what is going on in the picture.

  10. Hi Im emma I go to
    like your photos .


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