Monday, 19 February 2018


Every Thursday the Korimako students have PE lessons. A specialist PE teacher, Nate comes in once a fortnight to run a session which the teachers then build on the following week. We are currently focusing on Target Games and have enjoyed some bean bag and frisbee golf!


  1. Hi Year 5 and 6 hub.It is interesting seeing what you do for PE. At Red Hill School we have a tournament on tomorrow involving touch,softball and cricket. We do heaps of fitness after morning tea. We do 3 or 4 laps around the field and we play a couple of games after. We also had a cricket specialist come and take two lessons with us. We look forward to seeing more posts from your school. Katrina, Les, Aku and Brian.

  2. Hi my Name is Crystal from Paparoa Range School looks like you are really having fun we do P.A everyday because our teacher Miss D is all about fitness you can check out our blog room5paparoarange.blogspot

  3. hi i am year 6 stundt and my name is lochy and i go to

  4. hi my name is Jazmyn from paparoa range school and it looks like you are having fun it is interesting to see what you do for P.E my teacher is all about fitness


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